Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is a Club for Legitimate Off-Roaders (4x4 ONLY) Jeep, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, All Makes Welcome! If you are looking to join this club, please understand you will need to be actively participating in runs and meets. If you are an "internet wheeler", this is not the club for you! Wanna wheel with us? Have questions? Feel free to hit us up!

How do I get stickers, Shirts/hoodies, flags, and swag?

Come out with us on a club run and meet the members. after you can pay for your stickers, shirts/hoodies, flags, etc. and you can pickup next run or from one of our admins in your area.

I'm new to offroad I wanna wheel but I'm nervous. What should i do?

That's awesome, none of us we born wheeler's we all start somewhere.. I guarantee we (the admins) will never put you and your rig in situations you can't get thru! we are all here to help. see our event page on facebook for club runs and requirements. contact an admin if you have any specific questions

What are some of the equipment needed to participate on a run?

front and rear recovery points are very important. we all communicate on race radios. but if you dont have one there are usually extras you can borrow. contact an admin if you want to know specific trail requirements.